Privacy Policy

The ICS is dedicated to the protection of your privacy and any personal details which you provide for the purposes of maintaining a member database will not be divulged to any third party apart from other registered ICS members in the course of normal routine business of the Society.

The information contained in the Member section of the Website is confidential and for the personal use of ICS Australian Tribe Members Only.

It is not to be used for Commercial or any other purposes.

Access to this database is by means of a Member No or Surname combined with a unique member defined password.

It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that they do not divulge their password to any other person in order not to compromise their own or any other member’s information.

Any or all personal information stored in the website is for the purposes of maintaining up to date records of the members particulars and is not to be communicated to any other person who is not a member unless with the prior permission of the member.

The information provided by each member and accessible to other members will be used solely for the purposes of contact between the members, delivery of ICS communications, notices, information alerts, etc and updating the member details on the USA ICS website unless previously identified as “Private”.

Member information will not be supplied to any other person or organisation for any purposes whatsoever unless with the prior express permission of the member or members concerned.

We will only collect information on the number of visits to the various Website pages, the links clicked and material accessed but not the identity of the visitor.

Any member who has objection to the above conditions should contact the Webmaster with their request.