Program Objectives and Overview

This Program is designed to assist Members in the safe, efficient and competent operation of each specific Comanche model aircraft and the variants incorporated.

It is conducted by and built on the knowledge of experienced Comanche Instructors, Operators and Maintainers.

The Courses are structured to suit those new to the type, transitioning from single to twin and as a refresher and reinforcement for those already experienced on type.

It is composed of tutorial and flight segments and structured to the level of the participants.

The tutorial subjects are structured to present a series of specific topics which change with each version of the Course. This permits coverage of all of the Comanche details over a period of a number of Courses. The interaction between instructors and attendees ensures an interchange of knowledge and experiences difficult to acquire in any other situation.

The flight sequences are designed to be conducted in a non testing situation but are carried out with an experienced Comanche Instructor to demonstrate the safe and efficient operation of the Comanche aircraft and its particular operating features and procedures.

Many experienced long term Comanche pilots use these Courses as a refresher and to maintain contact with latest issues in a friendly and cooperative learning environment.

The Pilot Proficiency Program is supported & recognized by leading Aviation Insurers who offer a Pilot Proficiency Program discount credit for attendance at a PPP Training Course.

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