ICS Australasia PPP#26

The Australasian Tribe will conduct two Comanche Pilot Proficiency Program weekends in 2024:

  1. PPP #26 at Wentworth, NSW from March 8 to 10; and
  2. PPP #27 at Maryborough, QLD from July 12 to 14.

Details for the PPP#26 at Wentworth

This is the 26th Piper Comanche PPP to be held in Australia and the theme for this year is “Keeping You and Your Aircraft at the Peak of Your Game through Recurrent Training”.

The PPP is open to anyone who is flying a Comanche (or contemplating flying one) to attend.  You do not need to be an ICS member.  If you are unsure of what the PPP is about or what value it can be to you, feel free to send an email to chiefaus@comancheflyer.com.au  with a contact number and one of the PPP Committee will call to answer your query. 

We would like to thank QBE for once again sponsoring and supporting this Safety initiative and hope to see you at Wentworth.


Aim to arrive prior to 5pm on Friday March 8 at Wentworth aerodrome (YWTO).  Parking arrangements have been coordinated with the ARO: Here are two YTWO apron diagrams showing the GA parking areasA and B,  and the location of the Aero Club. Click on the images to download full sized pdf files if required.

Note: ERSA says that the northern apron (A) has a MTOW limit of 1500Kg, which might preclude our twins and 400's. No limit is mentioned for Apron B.


The PPP will commence with a short briefing in the Sunraysia Sport Aero Club rooms at 5:30pm followed by a BBQ.   After the BBQ, transportation will be provided to the Junction River Motel.

Saturday morning starts with a 7:00am pick up at the motel, a continental breakfast at the Aero Club, then a group departure from Wentworth to Renmark.  Morning Tea and debrief will be held in the terminal at Renmark and then the group will fly back to Wentworth to resume the Ground School component of the course.

Each participant will have the opportunity to have a PPP instructor ride along for at least one of the legs of these flights and it is planned that those aircraft will detour enroute via Loxton for some upper air work and a circuit or two on the way.  After getting back to YWTO, and after lunch, Classroom sessions will recommence with a focus on Comanche Flight Operations (Tony Smith briefing).

The Ground school will conclude by 5:30pm and transport back to the Hotel will be provided.  A group booking has been made at the Crown Hotel bistro (within walking distance of the motel) for 6:30pm.

On Sunday morning, transportation will be provided to the airport for a BBQ breakfast at the Aero Club.   The Ground school will continue after breakfast and conclude at lunchtime after covering the key aircraft systems – Fuel, Electrical and Undercarriage.  A light lunch will be available prior to your departure.

The PPP instructors will remain available on Sunday for additional PPP flights and the undercarriage simulator will be available for all participants to practice the emergency gear extension procedure.


Attendees are responsible for making their own accommodation bookings in Wentworth.  To facilitate this we have reserved rooms and obtained a discounted rate at the Darling Junction Motor Inn, 26 William St Wentworth; Phone: 03 5027 3636; Email: info@darlingjunctionmotorinn.com.au

Queen (1x queen bed), twin (1x queen bed plus 1x single bed) and family rooms (1x queen bed plus 2x single beds) are available.  All rooms have ensuite, tv, fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle. Motel has pool and nice outdoor area. 

Discounted prices have been provided for our event as follows:

  • Queen $110 per night
  • Twin $120 per night
  • Family $ 150 per night

Phone bookings are preferred and require name, address, mobile phone and payment card details.

Please identify yourself as attending the Comanche PPP event to obtain the special discount.


The course cost per attendee (whether flying or not) is $300.00 (Inc GST).   This covers both the Flight and Ground School components, airport transfers plus all meals and refreshments with the exception of the Saturday night dinner at the Crown Hotel (which is pay as you order).

Pre-payment is required using the attached registration form as we have no facilities to accept payment on the weekend.

For ICS members the club’s policy is to refund course costs if cancellation due to unfavourable weather on departure or enroute applies.


For those insured with QBE, the normal PPP insurance rebate is available to owners participating in both the ground and flight components.  Please contact QBE or your broker to arrange. (Note that other aviation insurers will also honour this arrangement).

The course cost does not include any landing, parking or air navigation fees at YWTO, YLOX and YREN.


The registration process for the course is:

  1. Contact the Darling Junction Motor Inn directly to book your accommodation (phone preferred: 03 5027 3636; Email: info@darlingjunctionmotorinn.com.au)
  2. Deposit the course fees by direct debit to the Tribe’s account: ICS Australasian Tribe, BSB 082 309, a/c 04-538-1169 using the reference YWTO and your name
  3. E-mail the completed registration form  with your direct deposit receipt to chiefaus@comancheflyer.com.au. (note- the previous email address provided in the recent newsletter has known problems- it doesn't work properly. Sorry!)
  4. Note: Registrations close Friday 1 March 2024


We would like to try to avoid a repetition of outbreaks of covid and influenza that have occurred at previous fly-ins. Your Committee has therefore decided to require the following actions from all those planning to attend.

If you or any of your group have any cold or flu-like symptoms in the days prior to the fly-in, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND. 

  1. Please do a RAT on the day prior to, and on the morning of departure to Wentworth. Only those with negative tests should attend.
  2. Should any of your group develop symptoms during the event, please isolate you and/or your group from the remaining parties and notify the organisers ASAP. We will endeavour to provide prompt advice and arrange for access to local care if needed.

Important agricultural quarantine requirements (no, not you – fruit and vegetables!)

Wentworth, Loxton and Renmark are in the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone (refer ERSA SP 6). 

This is really important to the area and is strictly enforced, with large fines for those caught breaking the rules.  Quarantine officers may attend to check our aircraft, so pilots should ensure that they have no fruit and vegetables onboard when arriving in YWTO or departing YWTO for Loxton and Renmark on the Saturday morning.

Best regards,
David Miller
Tribe Chief, on behalf of the committee and the PPP team