ICS Australasia PPP#23

Dates, Location & Registration Details

The next conduct of our Pilot Proficiency Programme will be held on the weekend of February 19, 20 and 21, 2021. Due to the risks associated with border closures and cross-border quarantining of travellers, it has been decided to offer the course in three separate locations joined together by a zoom videoconference.

The venues are:
- Deniliquin Airport for NSW residents
- Shepparton Airport for Victorian residents
- Archerfield Airport for Queensland residents
- Self access to the Zoom video conference for those unable to attend one of these venues.

Each venue will be facilitated via a local co-ordinator and our Comanche instructors - Tony Smith and Nigel Wettenhall will be at Shepparton and Deniliquin respectively to provide a proficiency flight in your Comanche. The flight is of approximately 60 minutes duration and includes standard flight sequences designed to improve your confidence and safety. You are Pilot in Command and can chose not to perform any sequence you are uncomfortable with. The debrief will be between you and your safety pilot, and you keep the debriefing sheet. Please liaise directly with Tony or Nigel if you wish to make the flight a CASA flight review.

The undercarriage simulator will be available at Deniliquin on Saturday and at Shepparton on Sunday.

Due to being a multi-site videoconference, the program content is different from previous years and we are taking advantage of the conferencing to include a discussion with the ICS President (Kate Burrows) and obtain an update from the TRIO factory about the in-progress certification of their autopilot for both single and twin Comanches.


Attendees are encouraged to arrive on the Friday afternoon and stay until Sunday. Each site has a preferred hotel and will book a venue for dinner on the Friday and Saturday nights. The seminar commences at 9:15am AEDT (8:15 QLD Time) on Saturday and runs until approximately 5:00pm AEDT (6PM QLD). It starts again at 9:30am AEDT (8:30 QLD) Sunday and concludes prior to lunch.
Registration will be open at the airport from 6pm Friday night.

Pricing & Accommodation

Course attendance is included in your ICS Australasian Tribe membership. The cost for non-members is $200 and includes one year’s membership in the ICS Australasian Tribe. As always, QBE will allow the course cost to be deducted from your insurance premiums over a two year period.

Refreshments, lunch and airport hotel transfers will be provided for those attending at Deniliquin, Shepparton or Archerfield. Attendees are responsible for paying accommodation, breakfast and dinner costs directly to the hotel/restaurant. The chosen Hotel-Motels are listed below.

Proficiency Flight Requirements

Please remember that for the proficiency flight we can only accept aircraft insured for both ground and flight risks and with liability cover. If flying, you must be endorsed on Comanche aircraft and be current to carry passengers. At registration we will need to sight documentation of the above items so don’t forget to bring your license, logbook (with BFR details), medical, maintenance release and proof of insurance with you.

Our safety pilot will conduct a review of your aircraft with you and we may choose to defer the flight until important items are rectified.


1. Complete the registration form and submit before 5pm Friday Feb 12 by email to Kevin Rankmore (KevinR@ryanrank.com) or mail to Kevin Rankmore, PO Box 168, Wellington NSW 2820.

2. E-Mail your registration and arrival details to the site co-ordinators:

Location Co-ordinator E-Mail

Deniliquin Nigel Wettenhall nigel@wettenhallairservices.com
Shepparton Tony van der Spek secretary@comancheflyer.com.au
Archerfield and Zoom Dial-In Ken Holdsworth kenhold@netspace.net.au

3. Book your accommodation directly with the hotel (if required)

Location Hotel

Deniliquin Coach House Hotel-Motel, 99 End St, Deniliquin, NSW 2710 Ph: 03 5881 1011
Shepparton Comfort Inn Peppermill, 7900 Goulburn Valley Way, Shepparton, Vic, 3630 Ph: 03 5823 1800
Archerfield Coopers Colonial Motel, 1260 Beaudesert Rd, Acacia Ridge QLD 4116 Ph: 07 3875 1874

We look forward to seeing you at the PPP. As always it will be a great weekend of Comanche talk and technical tips although in a different form this year.

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