How To Join

We are very pleased that you are interested in joining us in the ICS.

Membership of the Australasian Tribe is open to all persons, not only Comanche owners, but also operators, pilots who hire Comanches, LAMEs, etc with an interest in the operation and maintenance of Comanche aircraft - both single and twin.

Membership is at a low annual cost as detailed on the New Member Application page.

This includes membership of both the International Comanche Society USA and The Australasian Tribe, but please also note that joining the ICS directly through the Australasian Tribe is more cost effective by than joining via the ICS in the US. We look after our members!

In addition you will receive a monthly copy of the International Comanche Society “Comanche Flyer” magazine.

Membership also entitles you to:

  • Attendance at the Pilot Proficiency Program courses.
  • Access to the Technical Group for advice on operation, maintenance and parts availability.
  • Access to all features of the Members only Section of the Australasian Website which includes a Member Contact Database, Discussion Forum, News and Events, Pilot Proficiency Course details, Technical and Maintenance articles, Member Buy and Sell advertising and many useful and interesting Aviation Links.
  • Access to the main Society Website including Members Forum and Member Pathfinder databases many other useful information such as Manuals, etc.
  • Join in with other members on various weekend Fly-ins.

Please complete the following New Member Nomination Form which includes all instructions. Contact any of the Committee members listed in Contact Us should you require any additional details or any further information.

We look forward to your joining our group of members and seeing you in the near future.

David Miller
Australasian Tribe Chief

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