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Sponsor Advertising - Advertising Information
Advertising rates are as follows:

All advertising in any section will also be entered in the Sponsors advertising page as a S1 size advert free of charge.

1.0 General Website Access Areas
ICS main Home Page Blocks H1 to H5   $140 per annum 
Sponsor Advertising page Blocks S1 onwards   $120 per annum
Sponsor Advertising page - Double Block size Blocks S x2   $180 per annum
Flyins & Safaris page Blocks R1 to R3   $100 per annum
* Technical & Maintenance pages Blocks T1 to T3
(Accessed by clicking on the image at bottom of the Home page)
  $120 per annum
* Pilot Proficiency & Training pages Blocks P1 to P3
(Accessed by clicking on the image at bottom of the Home page)
  $120 per annum

2.0 Members Only Access Areas

Member area Home Page Blocks MH1 to MH3   $100 per annum 

Any queries or Advertisement applications should be submitted to the Webmaster with an electronic copy of the advertisement they wish to exhibit.

When purchased in the General Website Homepage Tech & Maintenance or Pilot Proficiency Sections, a free of charge insert will also be made in the Members Access Area in the corresponding Tech & Maintenance or Pilot Proficiency Sections.


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